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This free Forex mini-course is designed to teach you the basics of the Forex market and Forex trading in a non-boring way. The Forex Market (or Foreign Exchange Market)—in which individuals buy, sell and trade a variety of currencies-is considered the largest, most liquid financial market in the world, responsible for an average trading volume of over $4 trillion every day.

We estimate the effect of fibre optic cable connections on whether each currency is traded in the issuing country or offshore, where the effects can operate both directly and also by altering the relative importance of other standard determinants of location such as distance, domestic market liquidity, and regulation.

So in your example, though I don’t know how you could have gotten three pips of slippage unless the market was extremely volatile during that time, you might have had a TP (sell stop order) at 9260, but by the time your order was executed the market was trading say 9263/9265, so your sell was filled at 9263.

Intervention in the broker market could involve the Reserve Bank placing a ‘bid’ or ‘offer’ (which means the market needs to move to that precise level before a deal is struck) but, if it wishes to send a stronger signal, the Reserve Bank would transact immediately in the market, either ‘giving the bid’ or ‘paying the offer’ of the broker.

Just trust me on this – I am WITH YOU on this journey and want nothing more than to get that email from you saying you’ve bought that house in the sun, paid off your mortgage or just finished saving for your kids’ college fund because of finally discovering how to make money trading Forex.

I earn online, invest with an online forex broker and so does it go on. I have lost a lot this way, coz it`s very addictive… But, i don` t think it`s illegal to invest your online money in trading, coz you are not touching the indian economy by any means.

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